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One man dead after an officer involved shooting at Vibez on Sunday morning


One man was killed in a shooting at Vibez Lounge early Sunday morning in an officer involved shooting.

CPD police chief, Geoff Jones, says a 30-year-old black man is dead after a shooting at North 5th St. and East Walnut St. just after 3:15 a.m. on Sunday.

Watch the replay of the briefing in the player below.

Jones says the man killed was a shooter the incident and was shot and killed by police.

ABC 17 News crews on scene spoke with one woman who didn't wish to be identified, who told them there was a shooting at Vibez and she heard around "50 shots go off".

Jones says there were five other victims in the shooting. He says one went into emergency surgery.

A tweet from MU Alert stated CPD reported shots fired in the area at 3:11 a.m.

MU Alert to Shots Fired at/near Vibez on Nov. 14, 2021

While on scene, crews saw at least eight Columbia Police Department cars along with a Boone Hospital and MU Health Care ambulance.

CPD told ABC 17 News they are gathering information and an investigation is underway.

ABC 17 News has documented four other shootings within this area within the past two months. On Sept. 18, two people suffered gunshot wounds in a shooting.

This is a developing story. Tune into ABC 17 News This Morning for the latest information.

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  1. Just remember, Downtown Columbia is SAFE! Despite hundreds of gunshots being fired within range of downtown over last few months, there is no threat to the public by being downtown.

    Once again officers were very close to the scene when the shots were fired. From the police scanner:

    At 3:02 am, Officer reports: “Shots fired Vibez!”

    “Officer shots fired” – does this mean the cops shot the bad guy?

    Officer: “I need the shield, stage medics, one down, several gunshot wounds.”

    “I need someone to get the shield out of one of the Sergeant’s cars.” (Sounds like the police could use a few more shields.)

    Officer: “Request County units or state if they are in the area to respond down there to help us.”

    Officer: “Suspect still has his gun in his hand, agonal breathing” (that doesn’t sound good)

    Officer requests “Mutual aid – Anyone in the County can come” to the scene to help CPD.

    Dispatcher: “Received, two additional victims.”

    Officer: “One with tourniquet applied, gunshot wound to left thigh.”

    Officer: “I think we got three gunshot victims, one inside with gunshot to abdomen, one outside…”

    Officer: “Victim on the south side of the Vibez building, need tape up to secure the scene.”

    Officer reports: “Compressions started.” (No EMS or Fire units telling the police to stop performing CPR this time, unlike the Volunteer Drive fiasco.)

    Officer: “Need four medics, casualty collection point is Fifth and Broadway.”

    Officer: “I need additional units at the back of Vibez I have three at gun point.”

    County and Highway Patrol units arrived to help.

    A large group of victim’s family members showed up at the scene and then headed to the hospital.

    The only reason I can think of to explain why Vibez is still open is the owners of Vibez must have something on the City leaders.

  2. But wait, there’s more:

    At 3:30 am, Dispatcher: “We are receiving a call of another shots fired. Have you all hear anything?” The report is from Rogers Street and the cops at Vibez did not hear anything. The female police Sergeant, who I have heard on the radio many times and is cool under pressure, tries to find an officer to send over there.

    At 3:34 a.m., Officer: “We got about 15 or 20 irate family members at the University (hospital). Might want to start one or two more units.” I am sure the MU police and hospital security love this.

    At 3:45 a.m., Officer says “I am going to start checking officer’s magazines who were on the scene.” Sounds like CPD did some shooting to end this threat.

  3. At the press conference, the Police Chief did not deny the CPD shot a black man in the back who was running away.

    The Mayor and Police Chief both blamed the Missouri Second Amendment Preservation Act, that prevents local law enforcement from helping the federal government enforce the very few federal laws (like future gun confiscation from law abiding people) that are not also state laws, for the increased gun violence in Columbia. Most federal gun laws already have a corresponding state law. This new state law became effective on August 28, 2021. What shameful, baseless, political drivel from the Mayor and Police Chief and a poor excuse from leaders who are failing to curb gun violence in this community. Gun violence in Columbia has been a huge problem for a lot longer than August 2021. It would be more accurate to blame the decades of failed liberal welfare polices that have destroyed so many black families in America. It would be more accurate to talk about the 3% of the population (young black males) that is responsible for about 50% of the gun crime in this country.

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