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Insider Blog: Record warm temperatures, fire danger, storms, and snow possible through Wednesday morning

UPDATE: MONDAY MORNING UPDATE As of Monday morning, uncertainty is still high surrounding Tuesday night’s storms. If there’s any more certainty in the forecast, it is that the threat has shifted east, yet again. This likely means our “cap” is strong enough to prevent any storms ahead of the front. With this morning’s data, it’s

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Earthquake awareness month

February marks the start of earthquake preparedness month for the state of Missouri. This month is particularly important due to the New Madrid fault line located in Southeastern Missouri which produces nearly 200 earthquakes each year. Although the state has an active fault line, to kick off the month Oklahoma produced a spell of activity

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Groundhog Day accuracy

We are one day out from Groundhog Day which takes place Feb. 2 each year. The age old question many ask is, “How accurate is Punxsutawney Phil?” Things aren’t looking too great for the furry friend as his all-time recorded accuracy rate is 39% with the last decade seeing a 40% success rate. This points

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