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Missouri River flood stages rising

This past week, portions of Mid-Missouri saw radar estimated rainfall totals reaching up to 5″. This prompted various areal flood advisories and many flood warnings widespread across the region. The Missouri River at Glasgow is currently seeing the affects from all of this rainfall as the river levels have risen to minor flood levels and

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How fronts drive storms

In the past, we’ve gone over some of the basic elements needed to create and drive thunderstorm development. Some of those ingredients include energy in the environment known as CAPE ( Convective Available, Potential, Energy), moisture to create the clouds and rain, and even shear ( changing of wind direction and speed over different heights).

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The science of straight-line winds

Many people think about lightning, hail, and tornadoes whenever they hear the term “severe storms”. Although severe storms can bring all three of these things, one of the most widespread threats usually seen ties to wind damage from straight-line winds. Straight-line winds have the power to reach up to and possibly over 100 mph in

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Wind shear and how it drives storms

With increased chances of severe storms Thursday afternoon, there are several factors working together that produce severe threats we see in storms such as hail, damaging straight-line winds, and even tornadoes in the worst cases. One of those large factors includes wind shear. When we talk about wind shear, we break down it into two

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