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Breaking down Atmospheric Blocking

Have you ever wished for multiple days of sunshine and for the temperatures to mellow back out? A lot of times you’re gonna be wishing for atmospheric blocking. You might be asking yourself, “What exactly is that?” A blocking pattern in the upper levels of the atmosphere leads to a persistent weather pattern for multiple

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Tornado warning statistics 2023 so far

2023 has started out with a bang for the severe weather season. Many states have seen multiple tornadoes causing widespread damage and even loss of life. A PDS (Particularly Dangerous Situation) is issued for tornadoes by the National Weather Service for violent/ long-tracked tornadoes that posses a threat to life or property. Last year 91

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The science of high pressure

Often you hear meteorologist talking about high pressure systems and low pressure systems, but what do these systems actually do to our local weather? Looking at the ABC 17 Stormtrack Radar, southwestern portions of United States you’ll see a blue H, that’s going to be an indicator for high pressure. The radar also indicates a

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