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Columbia mayor and police chief provide details about a fatal officer involved shooting and downtown violence


Mayor Brian Treece and Columbia Police Chief Geoff Jones spoke at a community briefing at 11 a.m. regarding a fatal officer-involved shooting.

Chieff Jones, says a 30-year-old black man is dead after a shooting at Vibez Lounge at North 5th St. and East Walnut St. just after 3:15 a.m. on Sunday.

At least one victim was seen being taken off in a stretcher by ABC 17 News crews on scene at Vibez in downtown Columbia.

Jones says the man killed was a shooter the incident and was shot and killed by police. He says there were five other victims in the shooting. He says one went into emergency surgery.

ABC 17 News crews on scene spoke with one woman who didn't wish to be identified, who told them there was a shooting at Vibez and she heard around "50 shots go off".

A tweet from MU Alert stated CPD reported shots fired in the area at 3:11 a.m.

ABC 17 News has documented three other shootings within this area within the past two months. On Sept. 18, two people suffered gunshot wounds in a shooting.

Watch the replay in the player below.

Members of the community also spoke out at the briefing Sunday. Reverend James Gray says, "it's happening in our community, it's happening out south of town in the third ward, and these people that represent the city council, it's their duty to be here to address the questions and take accountability for their ward."

Other community members also made suggestions to make the area safer .

One woman said, "We might need to do something where if I'm opening up a bar downtown, I need to have trained licensed security before my doors can be opened."

Community leader James Gray, said the council members need to take action especially the first ward.

"It's happening in the community, its happening out south of town third ward, and these people that represent the city council its their duty to be here to address the questions and take accountability for their ward," Gray said. "My first ward city councilwoman isn't even here today, and I'm angry because a lot of this has happened in the first ward, and she's not even here. It's up to my first ward city council to be working with the district very close because she's made a commitment to serve this ward."

Columbia Mayor Brian Treece says there have been multiple shootings at Vibez and multiple shootings up the street, Treece says everybody needs to take part of the responsibility. "If you're creating an environment where people are getting killed and hurt, we're gonna shut it down."

Jones joined Treece is stressing the importance of the community stepping up in these situations.

"This isn't a police only issue. This is a community issue that is going to take responsible business owners, responsible community partners and that's in the district and outside," Jones said.

The owner of Vibez, R'Velle Fair, also attended the briefing at City Hall Sunday at address his concerns.

The investigation is still ongoing. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Columbia Police Department or CrimeStoppers.

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  1. NRA wants everyone to have a gun. Parsons doesn’t want Missourians to have gun control laws. Anyone can buy a gun from anyone and it’s only getting worse. It’s like living in a third world country when people can pack guns everywhere they go . It is what it is so sad and it’s only just starting.

  2. The Mayor and Police Chief both blamed the Missouri Second Amendment Preservation Act, that prevents local law enforcement from helping the federal government enforce the very few federal laws (like future gun confiscation from law abiding people) that are not also state laws, for the increased gun violence in Columbia. Most federal gun laws already have a corresponding state law. This new state law became effective on August 28, 2021. What shameful, baseless, political drivel from the Mayor and Police Chief and a poor excuse from leaders who are failing to curb gun violence in this community. Gun violence in Columbia has been a huge problem for a lot longer than August 2021. It would be more accurate to blame the decades of failed liberal welfare polices that have destroyed so many black families in America. It would be more accurate to talk about the 3% of the population (young black males) that is responsible for about 50% of the gun crime in this country.

    1. Well said. You cannot expect crime reduction taking the guns from law-abiding citizens. Also, my other country has strict gun laws and only criminals and LE have access to them. It is chaos and rampant crime. I support the 2nd amendment.

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