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CPD increases police presence downtown asking for the public’s help amid increased gun violence


The Columbia Police Department continues to search for suspects after gun violence incidents happened two weeks in a row in Downtown Columbia.

CPD responded to Broadway and 5th just after 3:30 Sunday morning after getting reports of shots fired in the area.

This comes just a week after two people were shot on 5th street just a block away, suffering moderate injuries.

Jeremiah Hunter, Assistant Columbia Police Chief said CPD has additional officers assigned downtown on the weekend.

"The police presence that time of night especially on the weekends is a lot heavier than normal times," Hunter said.

Hunter said officers are continuing to investigate, but ask community members to alert officers when they are aware of a dangerous situation.

"We need help, to A prevent if theres any semblance of an argument or anything escalating, to call us as soon as they can so we can get more officers in the area and stop it before it even happens," Hunter said.

Hunter said it is important for people to come forward if they witness a violent event.

"We need witnesses to stick around afterwards. We need the help, we need the help identifying the people involved," Hunter said.

Emmett Brian, told ABC 17 News after he witnessed someone being harassed and heard about the recent gun violence, that he does not feel safe downtown alone at night.

"I don't come down here alone because it's not safe. I always come down here with friends, never alone," Brian said.

Mark Haim, the Director of Missouri Peace Works and Columbia resident for 50 years said he has seen gun violence worsen in Columbia over the past decade.

"I think there has been more gun violence in recent years, not necessarily this year more then last year but definitely in the last decade. I think we've had violence in our culture for a long time its not just what is going on now," Haim said.

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