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Weather Alert Day: Tracking dangerous heat and humidity this weekend

Some stifling heat and humidity are making their way back into Mid-Missouri. Temperatures in the low-mid 90's with dewpoints easily in the 70's will create dangerous levels of heat that we haven't seen much of this year.

The Setup

An upper-level blocking pattern has been in place for a few days, with a ridge anchored over the Rocky Mountains. This pattern is expected to strengthen and stretch further east over the weekend. That eastward push will slide a high-pressure center southeast of us. That will ramp up the humidity along with helping bump temperatures a few more degrees.


Try to avoid any strenuous activity during the hottest parts of the day, between noon and 6 PM. Saturday and Sunday are expected to be the hottest of this stretch before rain and storms give us a break on Monday. This setup will try to make a return in the middle of next week. Make sure you're staying hydrated and applying ample sunscreen if you must spend a significant amount of time outside. Keep pets in mind and make sure they have a shady shelter with plenty of water, and limit their exercise to morning and evening when the pavement is cooler. Check on elderly neighbors, especially this weekend.

Relief in Sight

That ridge will relax ever so slightly late Sunday into Monday. That will open the door for a fontal boundary to enter the picture. Showers and storms look far from a sure bet, but the added cloud cover will hold back highs closer to 90 on Monday.

Round Two

That same ridge will start to strengthen again towards the middle of next week. Depending on where the core of that high pressure sets up, we'll be looking at temperatures at least as hot as Saturday and Sunday.

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Jessica Hafner

Jessica Hafner returned to ABC 17 News as chief meteorologist in 2019 after working here under Sharon Ray from 2014 to 2016.


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