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Mid-Missourians to see unemployment benefits lapse

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President Trump failed to sign the proposed COVID-19 relief package, meaning many in Mid-Missouri could see their benefits stall.

The Chamber of Commerce in Columbia put out a breakdown of that relief package after it was passed by congress.

That breakdown highlighted some of the components in the $900 billion dollar relief package that would impact Missourian's the most.

Among them are $300 in weekly unemployment benefits, as the state reported 9,206 people applied for unemployment just two weeks ago.

The relief package also had $300 billion allotted for additional funding for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

If passed, PPP would have allowed employers in Mid-Missouri to draw on PPP a second time, to assist in paying employees.

Many across Missouri will now have to hold out hope for a second stimulus check as well. The relief package had set aside money to give most Americans a $600 stimulus check.

President Trump and democratic lawmakers have called for that number to increase to $2,000.

Organizations across Columbia have stepped up to assist as well as the relief package has stalled.

Como Gives Tweeted on Christmas that they have provided over 572 rent payments since January.

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  1. What a biased fear mongering story: Trump is screwing the unemployed. Just like EVERYTIME the government shuts down and the leisure class government bureaucrats scream about loosing their livelihoods, it is really just a paid vacation since they get all their back pay, the unemployment benefits will be retroactive. People who live paycheck to paycheck deserve a little pain in times like this to learn a life lesson.
    Unemployment in Boone County is less than 3% and there are many help wanted signs visible around town. Unemployment benefits should be low enough to encourage people to go back to work.

  2. To pay 300 million people would cost 182 billion for $2000 checks, let’s double it and the other half for struggling businesses, that’s 364 billion, what is the rest for, foreign aid and tax breaks for corporations, CUT the pork, I dont owe Palestine anything or pronoun use in Pakistan, we can’t secure our border, but let’s give 2 billion to help other countries. This is BS all around, we pay the bill, help us out first then we’d can help the rest of the world.

    1. I agree most of the 5,000 page bill on Trump’s desk is BS.

      But, we have not paid our bills for decades. That’s why we have a $27.5T national debt, not including unfunded liabilities at all levels of government. The dollar is going to crash. Buy metals: gold, silver, but mostly lead.

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