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Columbia event space cited by the health department for COVID-19 order violations

Atrium photo
Columbia/Boone County Department of Public Health and Human Services
A photo included in a notice of violation against The Atrium shows people inside the event space.


Health inspectors on Saturday cited a Columbia event venue with several COVID-19 health order violations after a photo was sent showing people not wearing masks or socially distancing.

According to the violation notice, the Atrium, 22 N. 10th St., was hosting an event and several patrons were not wearing masks.

In a notice of violation against The Atrium, Columbia/Boone County Health Department inspectors said the person in charge, Travis Tucker, told them he was not the "mask police" and that the department had "single handedly ruined" Columbia business.

According to the violation notices, the Atrium was not making sure its customers were wearing a mask or that people were meeting social distancing requirements and did not have an operational plan on file to accommodate the number of people in the building.

The owners did not reply to several messages seeking comment.

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  1. So we are slaves to the “health department”? Some busybody that has no life of their own, and so seeks to destroy yours, sends a photograph, and the wannabe tyrants at the “health department” leap into action to insure no one is dangerously exhibiting any signs of rejecting their tyranny. What a happy state of affairs. The effect of the willful destruction of our economic, social, and psychological health is far more dangerous than a virus no more dangerous than ordinary influenza. By the States very own numbers, COVID has an infection/fatality rate of 0.014%, which falls well within the boundaries of ordinary influenza, which ranges from 0.005 to 0.020%.

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