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Carl Debrodie

Judge gives probation in case involving death of disabled Fulton man

Carl DeBrodie case
Anthony R. K. Flores pleaded guilty in federal court to lying to Fulton police officers related to the death of Carl DeBrodie.


A federal judge sentenced a man accused in a scheme to cover up the death of a disabled Fulton man to three years of probation Wednesday.

Anthony R. K. Flores pleaded guilty in federal court in February to lying to authorities as part of the cover-up of the death of Carl DeBrodie. DeBrodie's body was found in a Fulton storage shed in April 2017 after he had been missing for several months.

After several statements from DeBrodie's family, as well as Flores's Attorney, the judge said due to no past criminal record and the 9 months Flores had already served, he would be put on probation.

The judge initially stated Flores's punishment could range from 0 to 24 months. The judge can still consider full range punishment if Flores does not comply with his probation responsibilities.

Flores is one of several people charged in connection with DeBrodie's death and was the second man involved in the case to be sentenced Wednesday. His father, Anthony R. Flores, was sentenced earlier in the day to 15 years and 8 months in federal prison for failing to give DeBrodie medical care, contributing to his death.

The woman authorities described as the head of the plot, Sherry Paulo, was sentenced to 17.5 years in prison Tuesday. She pleaded guilty to failing to give DeBrodie aid and health care fraud.

Court documents say Anthony R.K. Flores told police he saw DeBrodie at a barbecue in April 2017. The plea agreement said his mother, Paulo, told him to tell people he saw DeBrodie there.

Flores said in court he grew up listening to his mother and did not question her when he was told to lie. He said he had no idea about Carl DeBrodie's death at the time.

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