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DEFENDERS: Robocalls decrease during early months of pandemic but could soon increase


During the early months of the pandemic, you might have noticed getting pesky robocalls wasn't happening as much. According to data, American's saw a drop in the number of robocalls.

According to YouMail CEO Alex Quilici, the drop is attributed to international call centers being shut down because of the pandemic.

According to YouMail data, American's received about 2.86 billion calls in April, 4.1 billion in March, and 4.8 billion in February.

Quilici told ABC 17 News don't expect the decrease to last as call centers are slowly coming back online. Calls could start to go up, Quilici said.

As call centers start to open back up, scammers are using robocalls and call-back scams to offer free home testing kits, promote false cures, selling health insurance and financial relief, according to the Federal Trade Commission.

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Deborah Kendrick

Deborah is a weekday morning anchor and investigative reporter for ABC 17 News.


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