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Miller County search warrant reveals details in double homicide


Court documents reveal more about the circumstances around a Miller County double homicide that occurred around Sept. 8.

Court documents show deputies found one person shot in the back of the head at home in Kaiser. Deputies also found a motorcycle, helmet and a bag in the woods behind the home, according to court documents.

JT McLean is accused of the homicide of Daniel and Pam Stephan last week, and the couple is related to McLean's ex-wife. McLean is also accused of the killing of his then-girlfriend Allison Abitz and her 11-year-old daughter Jozee.

McLean was found dead last Wednesday in South Dakota from an apparent suicide.

Details about the second victim have not been released.

According to court documents, two bullet fragments, a .45 shell casing, another bullet casing, a cell phone, a tablet, and the victim's hair were taken from the scene.

ABC 17 News Team


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