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Parents file wrongful death lawsuit against three men after son drowns


The parents of a man that drowned in August in Morgan County have filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against three men.

The lawsuit was filed Friday in Camden County seeks damages for the death of Sean Jouglard. The three men, Dylan McEwen and Eric Goette, along with Sean, were out on the Lake of the Ozarks in a boat when they say Sean went swimming and did not surface.

According to court documents, Dylan McEwen allegedly drove the boat over a large wake when Jouglard was thrown from the boat. Then Eric Goette and McEwen allegedly left the scene in the boat before calling for help 15 minutes later, according to court documents.

The lawsuit alleges that Eric Goette and Dylan McEwen were drinking and driving a boat and then allegedly lied about Jouglard's death.

The lawsuit claims that Ronald Goette knew that McEwen and Eric were not properly trained to drive the boat but let them anyway.

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