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Columbia residents complain about trash pile up near East Campus

Trash buildup on Ross St, Columbia, MO


Some Columbia residents are facing issues with trash piling up since the new city logo bag ordinance started this month.

A viewer sent in images of trash pile-ups in yards of homes located on Ross Street near East Campus Drive. Bags of trash, some ripped open, have been sitting out for days, due to the city not picking them up.

As of Feb. 1, the City of Columbia requires all residential trash to be in city-issued logo bags in order to be picked up. Columbia's Ward 6 Council Member, Betsy Peter says, the city allowed a grace period over the last few weeks to get citizens adjusted to the new system. Peters says that grace period ended this week and citizens are expected to leave residential trash in city logo bags for curbside pickup.

Peters says she spoke with some citizens who are still unaware of this new trash pickup policy. The city's Office of Neighborhood Services is now sending out notifications to some residents who are still not using the city logo bags. Peters says the notification is to inform and educate residents on the new trash pickup procedures and provide information on how to redeem trash bag vouchers. She says it is also possible that some still may have not received their trash bag vouchers in the mail, as this is an issue the city has been seeing.

"The first thing is to educate people, and then once they're educated to see do they not have vouchers, because the city has run into that. People aren't getting their vouchers or not being charged for their vouchers or they're supposed to be using a dumpster, you know so there's other issues."

The trash buildup near East Campus Drive was an issue council member Peters was unaware of as it falls under her ward. She says she hasn't received any complaints of this issue just yet. Due to that area being primarily populated with students of the University of Missouri, she believes they may be unaware of the new city logo bag requirement.

Peters says residents should always try contacting their assigned council members first in regards to issues trash issues. Council members will contact the city manager on behalf of citizens to get the issue resolved.

Residents can contact the city at 573-874-CITY or their local council member if they still have not received their vouchers for city logo trash bags.

Those that may have not redeemed their vouchers yet can still redeem vouchers at City Hall, Gerbes, Hy-Vee, Menards, Moser’s, and Schnucks.

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Victoria Bragg

Victoria Bragg joined the ABC 17 News team as a multimedia journalist in October 2020.

She is a graduate of Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas and is a Dallas native.



  1. Such is what you get when the government is providing a basic essential service. A private business sees you as a customer, who can seek services elsewhere if not pleased. Government sees you as their subject, who they can order to be “satisfied” with its service regardless how complex and irrational it may be. A private business seeks to make your life better or easier. A politician seeks to make their life better or easier.

    1. The East Campus neighborhood, west of William Street, is almost entirely student rental housing. This area is frequently “trashed.” The City used to, and maybe still does, provide free dumpsters for the renters to throw stuff away at the end of the school year. There are parking complaints in the area. The neighborhood association is divided between the rental owners and the owner occupied houses further to the east. The whole situation is a mess.

      The most interesting part of this neighborhood is how the neighborhood association held up the Beta Theta Pi fraternity house construction over the total building height until the fraternity coughed up $100,000 to the neighborhood association. I thought there were lawsuits about this money, the lack of financial records, no transparency, and how it was being spent by the neighborhood association. Whatever happened with that?

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