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SATURDAY UPDATES: Boone County reports 66 new COVID-19 cases


UPDATE 5:00 P.M.: The Columbia/Boone County Health Department reported 66 new COVID-19 cases Sunday.

There have now been 4,245 cases reported in Boone County.

Of those cases, 461 are active.

The five-day average of people who test positive for the virus is at 65.6.

Fourteen Boone County residents were hospitalized with the virus on Saturday.

ORIGINAL: Missouri saw 1,387 new cases of COVID-19 on Saturday.

There have been 111,516 cases of the virus across the state.

The Department of Health and Senior Services reported 13 new deaths related to the virus. The death toll is sitting 1,793.

The seven-day positivity rate lowered from 11.7% to 11.6%.

Out of all Missouri residents who have been tested, 8.9% of people have tested positive.

At least 1,202,624 people have been tested.

On Saturday, 1,004 people were hospitalized with the virus.

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Sydney Olsen

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  1. After the much hyped 44.6% positivity rate was reduced down to 8% when the COVID “scientists” realized they had not been using the correct data for months, check out the number of tests during the week, new positive tests for the week, and positivity rate now:
    Week ending 9/3, 4,501 total tests, 758 new positives, 16.8% positivity (758/4501=16.8%)
    Week ending 9/10, 2,849 total tests, 687 new positives, 24.1% positivity
    Week ending 9/17, 1,869 total tests, 420 new positives, 22.6% positivity
    See how the new positive tests are going down but the total number of tests is going down even faster to make the percent positivity higher? Positivity rate should include the other 179,000 people in the county who are not sick.
    Why do our elected leaders continue to hype such a meaningless statistic? It’s just fearmongering. Does anyone still trust the COVID “scientists”?

    1. You mean the scientists that are now raging about THE CASES THE CASES THE CASES, because death count isn’t scary enough to maintain their position of authority? Using the test its inventor said should not even be used for this purpose? It tests for the tiniest particle of what COULD be a fragment of corona flu. Giving no indication of whether the subject has enough of the correct virus to create a condition of infection. Given that the death count is NOT increasing at near the rate of increase in “cases”, the case count statistic is no more significant than case count for dandruff. Notice how the map previously posted here that allowed one to examine the number of deaths in a particular county is no longer available? Not scary enough.

        1. And using basic math one can determine that the infection mortality rate for Boone county is 0.0019%. How not scary is that? Considerably less so than ordinary influenza.

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