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Opinion: Schools are right to warn parents about what their kids are seeing right now

Opinion by Kara Alaimo (CNN) — With social networks flooded with content about atrocities happening in Israel and Gaza, schools around the world are warning parents about what their children might be seeing on social media. Some are calling for parents to remove social media apps, including Instagram and TikTok, from children’s phones, so they don’t see

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Trump’s turn against Israel offers stark reminder of what his diplomacy looks like

Analysis by Stephen Collinson, CNN (CNN) — Donald Trump’s inflammatory and artless comments about Hamas’ horror in Israel emphasize the defining characteristic of his attitude toward foreign policy and his entire political world view: It’s all about him. Trump criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, lauded Hezbollah militants as “very smart” and sought political gain

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‘I’m going to funeral after funeral.’ The music festival survivor who hid in an orange grove for 6 hours

From CNN Opinion (CNN) — A split-second decision to run and hide in an orange grove could be the very thing that saved 22-year-old Gal Katz’s life, after Hamas militants unleashed a harrowing assault on an Israeli music festival in the early hours of Saturday. As gunmen approached, festival-goer Katz and a friend fled for the nearby

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The affirmative action battle shifts to a new front

Analysis by John Blake, CNN (CNN) — Anyone who hoped the US Supreme Court’s recent decision on affirmative action in college and university admissions would likely stop at traditional higher education got an ominous sign this past week. The US Naval Academy was sued October 5 over its race-conscious admissions practices by the same anti-affirmative action group whose lawsuits against

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How does Hamas get its weapons? A mix of improvisation, resourcefulness and a key overseas benefactor

Analysis by Brad Lendon, CNN (CNN) — The brutal rampage by Islamist militant group Hamas on Israel last weekend involved thousands of rockets and missiles, drones dropping explosives, and untold numbers of small arms and ammunition. But the attack was launched from the Hamas-ruled enclave of Gaza, a 140-square-mile (360-square-kilometer) strip of Mediterranean coastal land

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