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Opinion: In the French language, ‘inclusive’ becomes a loaded word

Opinion by David A. Andelman Paris (CNN) — Since 1986, the 40 “immortals” of the French Academy, the ultimate guarantors of the purity of the language, have been working on the ninth edition of the French dictionary, going laboriously from letter to letter. Earlier this year, they disclosed their latest tranche — from “sommation to spermatophytes.” They began work on

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Detained, missing or under investigation: Business leaders in China face an ‘aggressive’ crackdown

Analysis by Laura He, CNN Hong Kong (CNN) — Business leaders in China are under immense pressure, as the country’s leader Xi Jinping intensifies a regulatory crackdown on companies and strengthens its control of the economy. This year, more than a dozen top executives from sectors including technology, finance and real estate have gone missing,

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Opinion: Deposit delays are just the latest example of our broken financial system

Opinion by Ed Mierzwinski (CNN) — When untold numbers of Americans looked in their bank accounts last week for their directly deposited paychecks, the money wasn’t there. The Clearing House, the banking association and payments company behind the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system many of us use for instant transactions, blamed those delayed deposits on a “processing error.” The Clearing

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Opinion: Biden is in trouble

Opinion by Julian Zelizer, CNN (CNN) — Although Election Day on Tuesday was good for Democrats, they should not take much comfort in those positive results heading into 2024. Democrats are feeling hopeful after big wins in Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky. Although President Joe Biden might not be as popular as they’d like, and doubts about

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Manchin’s retirement may end up being his biggest tease yet

Analysis by Stephen Collinson, CNN (CNN) — Joe Manchin is going home to the place he belongs. But the West Virginia senator’s Thursday announcement that he won’t seek reelection next year only refreshed a perennial question arising from his savvy instinct for accumulating power: What exactly is he up to? Manchin’s departure will relieve one headache for those Democrats

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