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Opinion: Iranian women know which battles to fight. They’ve been doing it for decades

Opinion by Mahnaz Afkhami (CNN) — Editor’s note: Mahnaz Afkhami was the minister of women’s affairs in Iran’s government before the 1979 Islamic Revolution. She is founder and president of Women’s Learning Partnership and executive director of the Foundation for Iranian Studies. Her most recent book is “The Other Side of Silence: A Memoir of Exile, Iran, and

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Opinion: Why Lindsey Graham wasn’t indicted

Opinion by Dennis Aftergut (CNN) — Editor’s note: Dennis Aftergut is a former federal prosecutor and currently counsel to Lawyers Defending American Democracy, a nonpartisan organization engaged in preserving the rule of law. The views expressed here are his own. Read more opinion on CNN. For those attacking Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis for casting her net too far and wide in her case

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Opinion: Warning signs for Democrats

Opinion by Richard Galant, CNN (CNN) — Former Sen. Eugene McCarthy, a professor-turned-politician from Minnesota, had a reputation for being “relaxed to the point of laziness and humorous to the point of cynicism,” as syndicated columnist Joseph Kraft wrote. An example: McCarthy once joked that “being in politics is like being a football coach. You

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Italy’s PM Meloni champions ‘family values.’ But critics say she’s doing little to protect women from violence

Analysis by Barbie Latza Nadeau, CNN Rome (CNN) — When Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni made an official visit to the crime-ridden Neapolitan suburb of Caivano last week, she promised a “radical reclamation” of a territory she admitted “the state had failed.” Meloni, the country’s first female prime minister, was there to draw attention to

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Opinion: With his ignorance, Tommy Tuberville just gave poets an incredible compliment

Opinion by Tess Taylor (CNN) — This week, US Sen. Tommy Tuberville gave poets a wonderful compliment.  It is imperative to root out “wokeness,” he claimed in an interview on Fox News Wednesday, adding that the world (and the US military) are falling apart because “we’ve got people doing poems on aircraft carriers over the loudspeaker.” From where I am,

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A moment of reckoning for gerrymandering

Analysis by Zachary B. Wolf, CNN (CNN) — Americans’ reckoning with their own democracy extends beyond the looming presidential election to a much more local level. There are new details about how the conservative-dominated US Supreme Court issued its most unexpected decision of the past year and threw out Alabama’s congressional map, part of a

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Britain’s Rishi Sunak has a month to shake his party from its slumber. If he fails, the next election could already be over

Analysis by Luke McGee, CNN London (CNN) — Rishi Sunak has just under a month to answer the most critical question he faces as British Prime Minister: why does his Conservative Party deserve another five years in power at the next election? Next month, the governing Conservative Party’s annual conference will take place in Manchester,

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