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MSHP asks drivers to use caution in strong winds


The Missouri State Highway Patrol is asking drivers to use caution Wednesday night. The patrol says strong winds can cause large vehicles to tip over.

According to the ABC 17 Stormtrack Weather Team, strong winds are possible in Mid-Missouri through about midnight. Conditions are expected to improve by Thursday morning's commute.

Strong winds can make it dangerous and difficult for large trucks, SUVs, and trailers on the roads.

Troopers in Jasper County responded to a crash Wednesday morning caused by strong winds. According to a crash report, the 32-year-old truck driver was flown to a hospital in Springfield with serious injuries.

Jerry Wood, a former truck driver, said he dealt with dangerous winds several times during the 25 years he spent driving trucks.

"I've had multiple times when the wind lifts my back tires up off the ground on the back trailer," Wood said. 

Wood said it is up to the truck driver to determine if the weather is too dangerous to drive in. He said most trained truck drivers will know what to do if their truck is caught in the wind.

"Put opposing force to it so you kind of, pull it back down don't hit a break, pull it forward so you don't hit a break, pull over and set her down and wait for the wind to die," Wood said.

Corporal Kyle Green, with the highway patrol said cars should try to avoid large trucks during strong gusts of wind.

"Be especially careful if when you're next to large tractor trailers or next to box trucks that can actually tip over in these kind of conditions," Green said.

The patrol is encouraging drivers to stay off the roads Wednesday night if possible.

"These are conditions people can drive in but if you don't have to be out with the wind severity and with the rain coming, stay home," Green said.

Wood said if truck drivers find themselves stuck in the wind, there are ways to stabilize the truck. 

"Put the nose of the truck or the tail of the truck into the wind so its blowing long ways instead of sideways on you."

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