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Officials prepare for continued rain, flash flooding in Mid-Missouri

Officials prepare for continued rain, flash flooding in Mid-Missouri


Boone County Fire officials say they're ready for another week of storms and flash flooding as Mid-Missouri is still recovering from the latest round of storms.

Boone County Fire Protection District assistant chief Gale Blomenkamp said the majority of weather related responses his crews have been sent to over the past few days have been flash flooding calls.

Blomenkamp said the concern increases for flash flooding as the ground becomes more saturated, allowing for roads and other areas to flood quicker.

After an 18-year-old had to be rescued in Columbia after trying to swim in floodwaters on Friday, Blomenkamp is urging residents to take flood waters seriously.

"Water is very powerful." Blomenkamp said. "When it's moving it can be very powerful and it can sweep you downstream and pin you up against a snag or something to where you won't be able to fight that."

The Department has guidance as to proactive steps residents can take to ensure they don't find themselves stuck in flood waters.

"You don't know what's in that water, you don't know what's underneath the water as far as trees or stumps, branches that can entangle you and it only takes but a second and you're gone," Blomenkamp said.

The assistant chief stressed the importance of being aware of low lying roads and alternate routes to take if roads are flooded, suggesting checking tools such as the MODOT Traveler's Map.

Residents over driving their headlights has been another issue the department has had to deal with as storms roll through.

"Whenever you come up on water, by the time you notice it you should be able to stop before you make entry into it," Blomenkamp said.

Boone County Fire says it's ready for another week of storms, adding that stations being strategically placed throughout Boone makes it much easier to avoid flooded roads.

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