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MU leaders remind students of free speech policy


The University of Missouri is giving warnings and not punishments for students they say broke school rules on protests this semester.

According to a university spokesperson, several warnings have been issued after students violated those policies on Oct. 2 at Jesse Hall when students continued to ask for the removal of the Thomas Jefferson statue.

The University of Missouri is reminding students of the university's policies and expectations following those protests.

Mizzou says they changed their policies related to the use of public space back in 2017.

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Dr. Bill Stackman wrote, "As a result, warnings have been given. These warnings acknowledge that the students did violate university policy. Moving forward, it’s important for all of us to know that further violations by anyone in our community will likely result in more substantial actions."

School officials sent out the letter to students Friday afternoon before a 3 p.m. protest was scheduled.

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  1. If you have a “free speech policy” you don’t have free speech. As long as speech is not interfering with the rights of others, there is no need to restrict it. For example, a crowd screaming juvenile chants at the top of their lungs impinging on the right to speech of others. And I’m not talking about the multitude of “rights” manufactured out of whole cloth. I’m talking about rights that pass the test of not requiring action by anyone else. If a “right” does require action by someone else, whomever is supplying that action is immediately made a slave.

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