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No one hurt after large condo catches fire at Lake of the Ozarks

Interview with Lake Ozark Fire Chief Mark Amsinger


No one is hurt after firefighters put out a massive fire at a condominium building at the Lake of the Ozarks Tuesday evening.

Over 50 fire fighters from The Lake Ozark Fire Protection District, as well as about 7 other agencies, including Cole County Fire, responded to the scene at the Emerald Bay Condominiums on Tuesday night.

Lake Ozark Fire Chief Mark Amsinger told ABC17 News crews on the scene everyone on the building was accounted for, and there were no reported injuries. The state fire marshal was on the scene investigating the cause.

The building is located near the 14 mile marker of the Lake of the Ozarks, between Lake Ozark and the Village of Four Seasons in Camden County.

Chief Amsinger said when crews arrived on the scene, the fire was extremely large, and they had to immediately try to defend other properties.

"The condo fires can be reallty big fires, they can be really dangerous," Amsinger said. "The crews on the scene did a tremendous job containing it to the building of origin with the conditions they were met with. It was a very hot and intense fire."

The fire happened at 278 Emerald Bay Drive Condos. One woman who lives in the condos told our crews she heard the fire start and worked to get out other people inside of the home.

As of 9:30 p.m., smoke was still coming from the building and firefighters were spraying water on the roof.

Fire Chief Joseph LaPlant with the Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District said they assisted with a tanker and a chief officer.

Another resident Liza Fridman told ABC17 she and her father were out on their boat when the fire started. She said they saw smoke in the distance at at first didn't think it could be their complex.

"As we were coming back we saw all this black smoke coming up," Fridman said. "My heart kinda like stopped, I didn't know what to think, and I started shaking."

While her family lives in St. Louis, they own the condo. She was told on the scene that they would likely never be able to get their belongings out of the building.

"All my belongings are in there," Fridman said. "I brought all of my favorte books and clothes to the lake, like everything."

Firefighters were able to retrieve the keys to her and her father's car, so she said they would head back home as soon as the scene cleared.

This is a developing story. Stay with ABC 17 News as we continue to get information on this situation.

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