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Partnerships roll in on day one of the NCAA’s NIL legislation


Thursday was the first day that college athletes could profit from endorsements and sponsorships, while still retaining their eligibility. Many Mizzou athletes wasted no time in announcing partnerships.

Multiple members of the Mizzou football team, including Brady Cook and Travion Ford, partnered with Yoke, which allows gamers to play with their favorite athletes. Offensive lineman Drake Heismeyer promoted multiple restaurants throughout the day on Thursday, including announcing an appearance at one local pizza place.

The most decorated athlete in Mizzou history and now-Olympian Karissa Schweizer said, in an exclusive interview, that this legislation will change everything.

"I do think that it will help further communications, further relationships with those kinds of sponsors because now, being in a professional world, it is important to have not only like you main Nike contract or something that is your main sources, but also to have other sources of income," she said. "Just help to save and put away money and get ready for the real world."

ABC17 Sports Director Andrew Kauffman sat down with Schweizer for this week's edition of Sunday Sit-down. You can check out that full conversation ahead of her Olympic berth on Sunday July 4.

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