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QUESTION OF THE DAY: Should Missouri have a mask mandate?

Gov. Mike Parson fielded questions at his coronavirus briefing Thursday about whether it is time for Missouri to have a statewide mask mandate.

New COVID-19 cases are growing in the state, renewing calls for a statewide requirement. However, opponents of a mandate say it's not necessary.

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  1. Of course not. There is no empirical evidence they work at all. NONE! Missouri has a low infection/fatality rate, 0.013%, which is most likely because data hasn’t been falsified to give more power to certain miscreants. Masking serves only one purpose, to demonstrate your willingness to go along with whatever tyranny you may be inflicted with. Suddenly we are supposed to trust a government most of us don’t? The very best politicians are still nothing more than professional liars. Some may be more benevolent in their lies, but liars they are.

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