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Extreme cold weather leads to early pothole repairs


Missouri Department of Transportation crews have already started repairing potholes after temperatures started to warm up over the weekend.

A MoDOT news release said about 300 pothole patching crews were out Monday working to fix roads statewide.

Natalie Roark, MoDOT state maintenance director, said the extreme cold temperatures mixed with ice and snow caused the early potholes.

"The rain and snow from winter leave moisture that seeps into cracks and joints in the pavement. Frozen water in cracks and under the surface of the roadway causes the pavement to bulge and bend," according to the release.

Then when ice melts on the road it shrinks and leaves spaces under the pavement, so when cars drive over the road it weakens the roadway, eventually causing chunks to pop out.

“We ask motorists to please be patient with us as the repairs are being done," Roark said.

MoDOT has a few recommendations to avoid vehicle damage:

  • Don't break directly over a pothole
  • When driving over a pothole hold the steering wheel firmly.
  • Look out for puddles that might be hiding a pothole.
  • Make sure tires are properly inflated.

For long-term repairs, crews have to wait until the temperature outside is warm for a long period of time.

Warmer weather is also causing more people to go get their cars washed. The general manager for Club Car wash, Ryan Brooks, said they saw a steady line of cars all day long.

"People want to get that salt and grime off their car as soon as possible, so ya we usually see a lot of traffic," he said.

While you are out MoDOT crews are asking people to report potholes if you see one on their website.

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