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MU board of curators approves 6% increase on room and board


The Board of Curators approved raising housing and dining rates for the M-U campus. A 6% increase will go into effect at the start of the 2022 summer session.

Room and board will now cost students $10,509.

Room will cost $7,319 and board will cost students $3,190.

During the pandemic the budget did suffer but the increase is due to inflation and maintenance costs.

Christian Basi University Spokesperson says. "the fees that were increased today are not going to cover revenue losses that were incurred as part of the pandemic."

Christian Basi says there is always ongoing maintenance projects at the residence halls and the increase will help maintain them.

"Maintenance projects and going okay we had planned for them to cost this much and now because of inflation it looks like they are going to cost this much. Basi said.

The buildings are not funded by tuition or through state tax payer dollars.

Basi said, "these buildings and the services and the staff that are affiliated with these buildings are all funded by the students who live in those buildings."

The school is expecting to generate an estimated three million dollars in revenue for residential life.

MU will still have the lowest rate for room and board compared to the other three University of Missouri campuses in the state.

Curators say the increase is not permanent and room and board rates are determined year to year.

Erika McGuire


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