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Missouri House votes against virus rules for businesses

Employees gather in Addison's in downtown Columbia during Restaurant Week
Employees gather in Addison's in downtown Columbia during Restaurant Week

COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) — The Missouri House has voted in favor of barring state and local officials from putting any restrictions on businesses, churches or other non-public entities during public health emergencies, except in certain circumstances.

The Republican-led House voted 117-23 to send the bill to the Senate ahead of a May 14 deadline to pass legislation.

If approved by the GOP-led Senate and signed by Republican Gov. Mike Parson, the bill would prevent the state, counties and cities from requiring masks inside businesses, limiting indoor dining at restaurants or ordering other safety measures be followed on non-public property in response to contagious disease outbreaks.

Rep. Ben Baker, a Republican from Neosho who sponsored the bill, said it would also cover houses of worship.

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  1. Since the evidence clearly shows that such extreme restrictions have little to no effect, and pose serious problems themselves, there is clearly no need for any government agency to force them upon the public. Individuals are capable of deciding how to deal with health threats themselves. They don’t need any “official” or “expert” who are most often wrong, telling them what do. Suggest what we do? By all means do so. Insist we do? Not qualified.

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