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QUESTION OF THE DAY: Should Missouri raise its gas tax?

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The last time Missouri's voters weighed in on the issue, they voted against a gas tax increase.

However, legislators are working on a plan that would raise the tax by 2.5 cents each year for the next five years. The plan would also allow drivers to get rebates for their gas taxes. Missouri's current 17 cents per gallon tax is one of the lowest in the nation.

Voters rejected an increase in 2018.

Should the gas tax be increased? Vote in the poll below.

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  1. Any time any government proposes to “raise taxes” what they are openly admitting is that “we are too stupid to use current tax revenue efficiently”. If the tax was sufficient ten years ago, why is it suddenly not sufficient? The often used excuse is that “demand for services is increasing” while ignoring the simple fact that if that demand is growing, so is the tax base. In this case, if more people driving requires more roadwork, then so is the revenue increasing from the current tax rate because more people are driving.

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