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Missouri lawmaker wants to halt playful highway messages

MoDOT sign
Courtesy MoDOT
The Missouri Department of Transportation tweeted a photo of this sign Dec. 9, 2019.


A Missouri lawmaker wants to put the brakes on transportation officials' use of playful messages on electronic signs mounted along state highways.

Such messages include, "Santa's Coming Have you Been A Good Driver" and "Treat the Road Like a Cat Video … Share It." O'Fallon Republican Rep. Tony Lovasco says the signs are "hideously expensive." He says they're being used to "make puns about Santa Claus" instead of more useful information.

Under his proposal, the Missouri Department of Transportation would be allowed to use the signs only to convey information about traffic conditions, weather or emergency alerts.

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  1. Okay. . . So what if there isn’t and traffic info, weather info to convey? Just let the signs sit there? Empty? I seriously doubt someone is sitting there with a funny pun and a weather alert thinking 🤔 which one shall i put on the sign??? Come on! Have some fun.

  2. These are very entertaining and fun reminders. I personally love them! Very creative and festive. Lose the grinch law maker. You’re supposed to represent the people and we love them.

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