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Mid-Missouri businesses relying more on online shopping


As COVID-19 continues to impact every day life, many business owners in Mid-Missouri are having to accommodate to increased online traffic.

According to research from Adobe Analytics, U.S. online sales reached $73.2 billion in June. That's up 76.2% from just a year ago.

Some businesses have managed to convince shoppers to make the trip. Capitol Mall in Jefferson City said they're actually busier than they usually are this time of year.

Most however, have had challenges these past couple of months dealing with their businesses and how they can continue to make money. Sam Bushman, the Cole County Commissioner and small business owner said he lost over a quarter of a million dollars during the seven weeks where they needed to be closed.

Bushman said, while the stay at home order was in effect, he was all but out of luck. The commissioner's business thrives on weddings and proms and with neither happening, he said there wasn't much he could do.

Samuel's Tuxedos, Bushman's business, has been slammed since the re-opening. While it is hard for the business to completely eliminate in person contact, the company does allow you to do things such as send in your measurements.

The best way to support communities during this time, is to shop local, Bushman said.

He said everything is online now. The commissioner said he has noticed while a lot of restaurants in Jefferson City haven't opened for dining, many take online orders.

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Ben Fein

Ben Fein is a multimedia journalist for ABC 17 News. You can usually see his reports on weekend mornings or weekdays at 5, 6 and 6:30 p.m. on KMIZ.


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  1. With the case count going up like a rocket, and the death count remaining mostly flat, the mortality rate is now determined to be about the same as influenza. Even lower for the healthy less than 770 years old. There is no longer a need for restrictions on business activity at all. Normal personal risk abatement by the vulnerable is quite sufficient. Corporate businesses are less affected, since they have been allowed to remain open. Many private businesses, on the other hand, have suffered much, some closing never to reopen. Long past time for the “authorities” to back off. They, and the so called “experts” have delivered an abundance of false or misleading “facts”, often contradicting themselves. “Masks are not effective”, “we must wear masks”, “oh my God, the death count”, “oh my God the case count”. There is no rhyme or reason behind what we are told.

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