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Lincoln University

Lincoln University to charge flat-rate tuition starting in fall semester


Undergraduate students at Lincoln University will no longer be charged tuition by credit hour starting next school year.

The university's Board of Curators voted Thursday, approving the shift to a flat-rate tuition policy which will take effect in the fall.

Under the new tuition rate, undergraduate students enrolled in 12 to 18 credit hours will be charged $3,954.85, which is the equivalent of 15 credit hours. Those who enroll in only 12 credit hours, the minimum to be considered a full-time student, will pay $654.75 more than they would have before the tuition change.

"The goal is to really aim to get students to take 15 credit hours per semester and then ultimately graduate in four years," said Vice President for Administration and Finance Sandra Koetting. "That's our ultimate goal and the purpose of this change."

Most students enroll in either 12 or 15 credit hours.

Graph provided by Lincoln University office of administration and finance

The tuition changes will not affect part-time students or graduate students.

Koetting said the change will incentivize students to complete more credit hours per semester, thereby graduating faster. She said this will help to curb a trend of students failing to earn their degree within six years, which is when federal Pell Grant eligibility expires.

Data from the university shows the six-year graduation rate for students seeking a bachelor's degree is consistently below 30 percent and the four-year graduation rate is consistently below 10 percent.

Graph provided by Lincoln University office of administration and finance
Graph provided by Lincoln University office of administration and finance

Several students told ABC 17 News on Friday that they were dissatisfied with the policy change. However, some said they understood the school's strategy.

A full list of tuition and fees in available on the Lincoln University website. However, as of the publication of this article, the listed tuition prices were not updated to reflect the flat rate.

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