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Columbia Public Schools

Some Columbia Public Schools teachers prepare for the switch to in-person learning

Ridgeway Elementary School
Ridgeway Elementary School


Columbia Public Schools' elementary teachers are working to get ready for the transition back to in-person learning.

The Columbia Board of Education voted 4-3 this week to send pre-K through fifth grade students back to classrooms four days a week starting Monday.

Ariel Schwarting, a third grade teacher at Grant Elementary, is setting up a system for her students to keep supplies separate in the classroom.

"Personally, I am working to organize and individualize all of the different stations of our classroom, making sure students have their own tray with their supplies, their own bags to carry their library books, their own buckets to hold extra supplies," she said.

Schwarting is also preparing for students to continue using their iPads in the classroom to limit touch points and to make sure students remember how to use them in case the district switches back to online learning.

"A lot of us are thinking how we can utilize the iPads and technology in our classroom," she said. "To limit the amount of passing out papers and keeping students in the mode of remembering how to access their lessons and assignments."

Teachers are still teaching online ahead of the transition, but at the same time are trying to get classrooms and lessons ready for students.

Schwarting said teachers have been working to get the right furniture in place to make sure students can keep social distance while in the classroom.

"Some teachers are having to move furniture maybe out of their rooms to be able to spread desks and tables further apart," Schwarting said.

CPS elementary students will be back in the classroom starting Monday. Middle and high school students will continue learning online until further notice.

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