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One hurt, homes damaged in Boone County shooting


One person was shot and several homes were hit by gunfire early Tuesday just southwest of Columbia.

Deputies said the victim arrived at the hospital after the shooting on West Bellview Drive at Scott Boulevard around 3 a.m. Investigators told ABC 17 News on Tuesday morning the victim was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

No other details about the victim were immediately available.

Deputies said several homes and vehicles were damaged by gunfire. Latonya Midgyett a resident on West Bellview Drive says her children were wakened up by multiple shots fired, but they didn't hit from outside of her home.

"I went downstairs and my whole downstairs was flooded, in my back bathroom, and there was water everywhere. There was a gunshot through one of the pipes in the bathroom," said Midgyett.

When Midgyett went to check on her children she discovered a bullet hole in the room.

"It hurts bad that they had to see that and I felt helpless. I felt like there was nothing I could do for them," said Midgyett.

Capt. Brian Leer says the time it takes to solve shots fired investigations can be anywhere between immediately and never.

"Each case is unique in the investigation process on how long it can take. It's very dependent on the number of witnesses the cooperation we get from witnesses and victims as far as evidence contained", said Cpt. Leer.

Deputies said the shooting involved multiple homes Tuesday morning.

Law enforcement responded to West Bellview Drive off of Scott Boulevard shortly before 3 a.m.

A deputy at the scene told ABC 17 News that gunfire hit multiple homes in the area but couldn't say whether anyone was hurt.

At last check, deputies haven't made any arrests.

Residents say they hope people will start putting down their guns and find other ways to solve their problems.

"Were supposed to be here for each other, don't screw up your lives shooting at other people. What does it solve... violence doesn't solve anything," said Boone County resident Curtis Mccuystyon.

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Molly Stawinoga

Molly Stawinoga is ABC 17’s weekday morning anchor and a reporter at ABC 17 News. Molly joined the news team in 2017 while studying political science, journalism and Spanish at the University of Missouri. She is originally from DeKalb, Illinois.

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Joushua Blount hails from Cleveland, Ohio and has a bachelor’s degree in media communications from the University of Toledo. He also has a master’s degree from the University Of Alabama. Roll Tide!

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  1. Sing it with me:
    Mmmmm you can find me in Columbyay
    Where the gun play ring all day
    Some got jobs and some sell yay’
    Others just smoke and ______ all day

    10 points if you are culturally astute enough to correctly fill in the blank of this fine example of art imitating life.

    Here are a few details from the police scanner:

    At 2:50 am, Dispatch: “Shot heard… We have multiple witnesses that heard the shots. Witness saw two people firing at each other…someone heard someone screaming they were shot but it is unconfirmed at this time”

    Columbia police are closer than the Deputies and offer to help. Deputy: “That would be fantastic. We’ll take all the help we can get.”

    Officers observe a white SUV driving at a high rate of speed going east on Broadway towards Garth. Dispatch says a white SUV left the scene.

    Officer: “I have a round in the window …”

    At 2:58 am, Dispatch: “Be advised there is a walk in GSW at Boone Hospital”

    Deputy: “We have shots fired through both the front and rear of the residence.”

    Boone Hospital security report the white SUV took off.

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