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Sister of man killed by police wants justice for brother’s death

Sister of man killed by police wants justice for brother's death


A woman who identified herself as the sister of the man shot and killed by Columbia police Sunday morning wants more answers from police about what happened.

Quillan Jacobs and Candice Gay.
Quillan Jacobs and Candice Gay.

According to police, officers shot and killed Quillan Jacobs while he was running and shooting back into a crowd outside of Vibez Lounge on Walnut and Fifth streets.

Candice Gay, Jacobs' sister, says it's not like her brother to act this way and the stories don't add up.

"This is a total surprise," Gay said. "I've been with him every day since I've been back in Columbia, he's with me all day every day and we never have guns."

Quillan Jacobs

Police allegedly found a gun next to Jacobs' body after shooting him in the alley just south of Vibez Lounge.

Gay, says as far as she knows, Jacobs didn't own a gun.

"We never have guns on us because I always have my kids with me and he doesn't do that type of stuff around kids," Gay said.

Gay says she wants justice for her brother but it will be hard to hold the officers accountable.

"They're the biggest gang here and then it's like nobody can stop them because they have badges and so many people behind them," Gay said. "One thing about it after this is, I want our community to come together, we need to stop letting them get over on us."

The family plans to hold a celebration of life on Friday for Jacobs.

"We're definitely seeking justice," Gay said. "Everything about this situation doesn't seem right."

In an email, a spokesperson for the highway patrol said "It is not appropriate to provide details of the investigation in order to protect its integrity as it is still ongoing.  I can tell you the facts as we know them at this time, are consistent with the previous news release/statements made by the Columbia Police Department.  The Missouri State Highway Patrol, at the request of the Columbia Police Chief is investigating only, the officer involved shooting.  At the conclusion of the investigation, all case facts are presented to the appropriate prosecuting authority for final case determination."

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