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Columbia police arrest two suspects in shots-fired incident Monday night

Three injured in Osage County crash.
Three injured in Osage County crash.


Gerrod Taylor

Columbia police arrested two men being sought in a shots-fired incident at a busy west Columbia shopping center.

Dequan Hughes

Gerrod Taylor, 20, and Dequan Hughes, 21, for their alleged roles in the incident that happened Monday. Columbia police were sent at 8 p.m. to a shots-fired call at Walmart on West Broadway. The incident continued with shots fired near the Hy-Vee gas station after those involved ran across the road, according to court documents.

Witnesses told police that Taylor and Hughes were involved in an altercation with two other men when shots were allegedly fired.

, DeAngelo D. Hughes

Both men are charged with first degree assault and armed criminal action.

Police arrested a third man, DeAngelo D. Hughes, 21, for the charge of tampering with evidence in a felony prosecution in connection with the shooting Wednesday.

All three suspects involved were in the Boone County Jail on Thursday.

Columbia police continue to investigate the shooting.

Karl Wehmhoener


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  1. Well done CPD. Watching the hidden gun by the bush for a bad guy to come pick it up was masterful police work.

    Now we need the Prosecutor’s Office to actually do their job and prosecute these bad guys to the fullest extent of the law. No plea bargains! Shooting up a parking lot and then crossing a busy street and shooting up another parking lot deserves lots of prison time.

    Next we need a judge who cares more about protecting the innocent than codling criminals. The reason we have so much crime by repeat felons in this town is because our liberal judges give them repeated suspended imposition of sentence and let them stay in the community instead of prison where they belong. Soft on crime judges need to go.

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