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Police, trainers urge vigilance, action in threatening situations


People who find themselves in dangerous situations should try to draw attention to themselves and pay attention to their surroundings, a Jefferson City police spokesman said after a man was accused of kidnap and rape.

David Lee of Iberia is accused of luring a woman into his vehicle, driving her to a hotel and raping her. The woman said she feared for her life and was afraid to fight against Lee, according to court documents.

Jefferson City Police Department Lt. David Williams told ABC 17 News on Thursday about techniques to use when danger is present.

"If you see someone that is paying a little bit more attention to you, you should distance yourself from that person," Williams said.

If an attacker has already lured you into a vehicle, try to draw the attention of other nearby drivers, Williams said.

Local self-defense experts say that it is important for everyone to have defense training no matter their age or gender.

Mario Sandoval, the chief instructor at Gracie Barra Self Defense, says "get into a practice of self-defense."

Sandoval said the most important part of self-defense is having the knowledge and the skills to defend yourself.

Jesse Beebe, the owner of Jaguar Self Defense, says there is a difference in training for self-defense and training to fight.

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  1. This is really good advice from the police to women who are about to get raped: “try to draw attention to themselves.” The best way to draw attention to yourself, when you are about to get raped, is to draw your concealed carry firearm and shoot the rapist (gender neutral term), and keep shooting until the threat is ended. Gunshots and rapists screaming while they are getting shot will draw lots of attention to you and you won’t get raped!

    But be careful, if your firearm is black, has certain cosmetic features, or holds more than 10 rounds, you might be an NRA domestic terrorist and need to have your kids taken away while President* Biden’s friends put you in a re-education camp.

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