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Pharmacies prepare for consistent shipments of coronavirus vaccines

Kilgore's Pharmacy
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Kilgore's Medical Pharmacy on Providence Rd. Columbia, Mo


Missouri Gov. Mike Parson announced Thursday that 15% of Missouri's weekly vaccine allotment will be sent to pharmacies.

A total of 161 pharmacies in 84 counties have been selected based on ability, location and population.

The governor said the pharmacies have the ability to administer 200 initial doses each week and will consistently receive this number of doses in addition to booster doses for the next three to four weeks.

In Boone County, eight pharmacies have been selected as part of this plan.

Bill Morrissey, Partner at Kilgore's Pharmacy, said he believes the pharmacy's role in this process will be getting vaccines to those who have been struggling to do so at mass vaccination sites.

"Whether that's a technology thing, a transportation issue, or accessibility issue, we hope to reach those folks that have been on the back burner," Morrissey said.

Anthony Desha, owner of Flow's Pharmacy, said he's heard from people that the mass vaccination sites had long waits to get in. Desha said his pharmacy can vaccinate people and get them out the door within 20 minutes.

Megan O'Donley, pharmacist at D&H Drugstore, said the pharmacy is looking forward to having more routine shipments. D&H was administering the vaccine on Friday after receiving a shipment earlier in the week, O'Donley said.

It has been hard for the pharmacy to work on such short notice with coordinating vaccine shipments and appointments, O'Donley said.

Morrissey said when Kilgore's begins to receive regular shipments starting next week, workers can be efficient with scheduling appointments.

Kilgore's has an online list to sign up for COVID-19 vaccine updates. Morrissey said Region F is supposed to receive about 17,000 vaccines per week for all pharmacies. He believes they will be looking at about 100-200 doses for each pharmacy every week.

To sign up for vaccinations at Flow's Pharmacy, call 573-449-5366. Pharmacists will go through a checklist to determine your eligibility.

D&H Drugstore has also put on vaccination events in the past for senior living communities. To sign up for their weekly doses visit the pharmacy's appointment page.

Morrissey said the local pharmacies are on a weekly vaccinator call with all vaccinations in Boone county, including mass vaccinators, to coordinate days that are best for each of them to give out vaccines.

The Boone County pharmacies include:

  • Burrell Pharmacy - 3401 Berrywood Dr., Columbia 573-777-8430
  • Kinkead Pharmacy - 105 S Allen St., Columbia 573-682-2155
  • D&H Drugstore - 1001 W Broadway, Columbia 573-777-7333
  • D&H Drugstore - 1814 Paris Rd., Columbia 573-777-7333
  • Flow's Pharmacy - 1506 E Broadway, Columbia 573-449-5366
  • Kilgore's Medical Pharmacy - 700 N Providence Rd., Columbia 573-442-0194
  • Kilgore's Medical Pharmacy - 1608 Chapel Hill Rd., Columbia 573-447-4444
  • Kilgore's Medical Pharmacy - 109-B Eastside Dr., Ashland 573-657-3333

Region F will have 22 total pharmacy locations. A map of vaccine providers throughout the state is also provided.

Both Burrell and Kinkead Pharmacies have not provided more information on online surveys, however, people can call the locations to get signed up for vaccinations.

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