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QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you feel comfortable dining in a restaurant?

A sign that says
A sign that says "eat it" hangs in Columbia restaurant Beet Box in March 2020.

Downtown Columbia eateries are holding Restaurant Week, and they hope this year's event will help boost sales hurt by the coronavirus pandemic.

Many people feel comfortable going to restaurants, especially as coronavirus case rates fall. But others remain wary of spending time in a place where people must be unmasked to eat and are seated in a common area.

How do you feel about eating in restaurants? Vote in the poll below.

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  1. If restaurants cooked better than I do, I wouldn’t hesitate to eat at one that didn’t require masking at all. Since there is zero evidence they are the least bit effective anyway, per the CDC study of their effectiveness preventing influenza transmission several years ago. They are nothing less than a badging operation to let the the “authorities” know how many are compliant with tyranny. And so, how much more will be accepted. That’s it. Apparently quite a lot, since most people seem perfectly willing to accept such tyranny for no reason other than demonstrating their willing compliance with whatever the “authorities” say. Regardless how useless, stupid, and insane it may be. They aren’t gods. They are subject to errors in judgement, ethics, and reasoning just like you. The difference being they have “authority” to threaten you with violence if you disagree with them.

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