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Missouri hospitals to possibly receive second shipment of coronavirus vaccine next week


A division of the state health department expects 37,000 more doses of Pfizer's coronavirus vaccine will arrive in Missouri next week.

Assistant Director of the Columbia/Boone County Health Department, Scott Clardy, said those numbers are subject to change.

"They expect another 37,000 doses for the following week as well, but those numbers looked different last week," Clardy said.

Margaret Day with MU Health Care said the hospital system expects to get the 3,000 doses from the state in the next shipment -- MU Health received that many doses this week.

"The state has expressed confidence to us that they will be able to administer supply here, so the employees who received their first dose of the vaccine will be able to get their second dose without problem," Day said.

MU Health Care has requested thousands of more vaccine doses but it has not gotten information from the state on when it will be approved and shipped.

Jessica Royston, a spokeswoman for SSM Health St. Mary's in Jefferson City, said they do expect more vaccines soon.

"We anticipate additional shipments in the future, however, we don’t yet have confirmation of when or how much vaccine will be included in those shipments," she said.

ABC 17 reached out to Boone Hospital Center as well on when they will receive a second shipment of the vaccine. The hospital did not immediately respond.

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