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Columbia’s stay-at-home order allows essential businesses to stay open

Columbia City Hall
Columbia City Hall


A stay-at-home order issued by Columbia and Boone County authorities that took effect Wednesday includes a long list of what officials consider "essential businesses."

Included in the category are the expected grocery stores, gas stations and medical offices. Restaurants are also considered essential, though they're barred from offering dine-in service.

However, other businesses such as laundromats, plumbers and electricians, hardware stores, banks and even news media are also included in the list.

Even though these businesses are considered essential the owner of A to Z Auto and he recommends staying at home as the order says.

"So I say if they tell you to stay home I would stay home the best that you can," said Phil White, owner of A to Z Auto Repair shop.

J&J’s Landscape Management employees weren't sure if they would be considered an essential business, but according to the order landscape companies provide essential services needed to maintain residences and businesses.

“It kind of was surprising,” said Dylan Kietzman. “You think about how serious everything is going on out here and it puts us at risk and it puts other people at risk. “the fewer people out the better and we all feel that way we've been talking about it all day, but at the same time, you know we have to keep working if we can.”

City officials said even though these businesses are open it is still important to follow the stay at home order and try to avoid leaving your home.

The order, meant to stop the spread of novel coronavirus, is in effect until April 24 and requires residents to stay at home except for using essential services.

The complete list starts on page 6 of the file linked below.

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