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Murder suspect’s wife reacts after he’s captured in Iowa

Murder suspect's wife reacts after he's captured in Iowa


The Boone County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Mark Achterberg was taken into custody Wednesday night in Creston, Iowa.

Boone County prosecutors charged Achterberg on Tuesday with first degree murder in the shooting death of Justin W. Stidman.

"This is such a sad and preventable situation," said Kerra Prohaska, Achterberg's wife. "My heart goes out to everyone affected by this horrible moment that changed so many lives. I hope everyone finds peace at some point."

According to the Boone County's Sheriff's Office, deputies responded to a home on the 5900 block of N Kent Dr. in Columbia to investigate a report of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Once on scene deputies discovered Stidman who had been shot. Stidman was still responsive and reportedly told officers that "Mark" had shot him.

The statement by Stidman was recorded on body-worn cameras.

Justin Stidman was then taken to a local hospital where he died from his injuries.

Police continued to investigate and found probable cause to believe that Stidman was a homicide victim.

Mark Alan Achterberg was last known to be driving a Ram 1500 with the last known registration in Nebraska. License plate number 31-926D.

"I'm feeling good that they caught him and i'm sure all the other neighbors are feeling a lot safer that he's not on the streets," said Derek Johnson, who lives down the street from where the shooting happened. "I've been seeing a lot of crazy stuff happening in Columbia recently so hopefully it'll die down soon."

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