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Boone Hospital to host clinic at Columbia Mall with Johnson & Johnson vaccines

Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Coronavirus Vaccine Trial


Boone County is set to host more coronavirus vaccine clinics as the number of doses the state distributes rises. The state is providing vaccination up to Tier 2 of Phase 1B of its vaccination plan, which includes people over 65 and those with certain health conditions.


Dr. Robin Blount, chief medical officer of Boone Hospital Center said, the hospital is set to receiving its shipment of 1,000 doses of the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine sometime Tuesday.

Blount said the hospital will host a vaccination clinic at the Columbia Mall on Thursday to give out those doses.

The hospital has also received 500 doses of the Moderna vaccine which it plans on giving out at a clinic next week.


The Columbia/Boone County Health Department is hosting a coronavirus vaccination clinic at Progressive Missionary Baptist Church from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday.

According to a news release, the health department is holding the clinic to "provide direct access for members of the Black community" because of "disparities in access to health care."

Department spokeswoman Sara Humm said "[it's] basically just trying to break down some of the barriers that we know people are experiencing."

The department is working with participating churches in the Live Well By Faith program to vaccinate residents who are eligible under the state's current tiers.

According to the release, all appointments for this event have been filled.

According to Humm, the department received 300 doses of the Moderna vaccine on Tuesday and is planning on receiving an additional 40 doses on Wednesday which is being reallocated from Cole County.


On Monday night, MU Health Care announced on Twitter it will be receiving 6,200 doses of the coronavirus vaccine and sent out invitations Monday night and Tuesday. The post recommends individuals who have signed up on MU Health's vaccine survey and fall within the eligible vaccination tiers should check their email.

People who want to sign up to get on the MU Health Care/Boone Hospital Center/health department vaccination list can fill out the survey here.

MU Health Care spokesman Eric Maze said 16,000 people are on the survey list who are eligible in Phase 1B, Tier 2 but it is unclear how many of these people might have received their vaccine elsewhere.

Gov. Mike Parson announced last week, the state will be moving into Tier 3 vaccinations on March 15, which will include grocery store employees and teachers.

Maze said the first dose vaccination events held Thursday through Sunday at Faurot Field will include 4,000 doses of the Moderna vaccine and 2,200 doses of the Pfizer vaccine. Second doses will also be given out throughout the days.

The following doses will be given out for every day of the vaccination event:

  • Thursday - Moderna Dose 2 (2,000 doses) and Moderna Dose 1 (666 doses)
  • Friday - Moderna Dose 1 (2,666 doses)
  • Saturday - Moderna Dose 2 (2,000 doses) and Moderna Dose 1 (666 doses)
  • Sunday - Pfizer Dose 1 (2,200 doses)

Maze said any leftover doses will be used at a later date.

As of Tuesday, 1,315,867 first and second doses of the coronavirus vaccine have been given out throughout the state, with 14.2% of the population getting at least a first dose.

Just under 50,000 coronavirus vaccine doses have been given out in Boone County alone, which equates to 18% of the county population receiving at least one dose of the vaccine.

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  1. Never mind that in Israel, the nation with twice the percentage vaccinated of second place, is experiencing a massive spike in deaths. Deaths attributed to the vaccine by “experts” with no skin in the game. Death rates among the young hundreds of times higher than COVID deaths, and among the elderly dozens of times higher. Which neither your government nor the corporate media will even tell you, much less argue about it. After all, with all the advertising they’ve done to promote taking the vaccine, such would make them look very, very, very bad, if not evil.

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