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DEFENDERS: Package text message scams circulating


The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers about a package delivery scam.

With so many people shopping online, package deliveries are on the rise and scammers are trying to fool consumers into giving out their personal information.

The BBB says this latest scam comes in form of a call, email or text. The text is coming from someone claiming to be a carrier company.

"[Name], we came across a parcel from [a recent month] pending for you. Kindly claim ownership and confirm for delivery here," along with a link.

The BBB advises if you do get this message to avoid opening the link because it will result in the theft of personal information.

To avoid having personal information stolen through this scam, the BBB recommends deleting the message right away. If you already clicked the link or entered any credit card information, be sure to watch your bank accounts.

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Deborah Kendrick

Deborah is a weekday morning anchor and investigative reporter for ABC 17 News.


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