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United Way of Central Missouri launches fundraising drive


The United Way of Central Missouri embarked Thursday on a drive to raise more than $2 million to help community organizations.

The United Way of Central Missouri launched its annual Pacesetter Campaign on Thursday at the Millbottom. The non-profit runs the campaign every year enlisting businesses and individuals to raise money for its 28 partner organizations in Central Missouri.

United Way aims to raise $2.3 million this year to go toward things such as early childhood care and health care transportation.

United Way of Central Missouri President Ann Bax said her drive comes from hearing about the things United Way's partner agencies are accomplishing everyday. "One of my favorite things, too, is hearing our agency leaders speak about the work that they're doing and how passionate they are about serving our community and helping people you know, that's what it's all about," Bax said.

The United Way surpassed its $2.2 million goal in 2021.

"Getting your community supporters together to thank them for their tremendous support is always one of my favorite things, and asking for their continued support," Bax said.

The United Way's partner agencies are listed on its website

The campaign runs through the end of October. Donors can send a check to United Way of Central Missouri, donate through the organization's website or participate in a workplace campaign or payroll deduction.

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