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Increased number of Missouri troopers on major highways for Thanksgiving holiday


The Missouri State Highway Patrol says drivers can expect increased patrolling and traffic on all major highways for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Troopers will be posted on I-70, Highway 63, Highway 54, and other major roadways across the area.

Corporal Kyle Green, with the Missouri State Highway Patrol, is asking drivers to drive responsibly when traveling on Missouri roadways Wednesday through Sunday surrounding the holiday.

"We want to do our best to make sure everyone gets to where they're going safely and we are going to do that by enforcing different traffic laws," Green said. "We will have troopers stationed out throughout the major highways and interstates to look out for those type of violations."

Green says drivers should plan ahead to leave early for their travels.

"If you're out driving around long distance, make sure that you leave early because like I said the interstate and major highways are probably going to be pretty busy throughout the weekend," Green said.

The patrol asks drivers to notify them if they see any suspicious driving.

"If you see someone that is out driving reckless or may be impaired, *55 would be the number to call," Green said.

Green asks drivers to be patient if they get pulled over when traveling for the holiday.

"When we stop you we're stopping you for a reason you know its not a matter of trying to delay your travel it's to let you know what you're doing is illegal and could really cost someone their life," Green said.

The patrol reports 10 people died in crashes on Missouri Highways over the Thanksgiving holiday last year (Wednesday-Sunday), and there were several traffic violations.

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