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Authorities arrest man accused of running after vehicle chase in Osage County


Osage County SheriffMike Bonhamr reprots the suspect is under arrest.

According to the Jefferson City Police Department, officers searched for the man near Algoa Road and Stertzer Road.

The Osage County Sheriff's Office stated a deputy conducted a business check at Casper's 66 in Linn, Missouri around 6:30 a.m.

The sheriff's office told ABC 17 News a deputy located a vehicle with only one license plate at the gas station. After running the license plate number, the deputy found the vehicle was involved in a Jefferson County pursuit.

The deputy also discovered warrants were attached to the license plate number.

The deputy reported the driver of the vehicle drove off on Highway 50 toward Taos, Missouri, then took the exit at Militia Drive near Jefferson City Correctional Center.

The Osage County Sheriff's Office said an employee from the Missouri Department of Corrections was involved in a crash with the vehicle. This caused the suspects' vehicle to hit the gate in front of the Missouri State Emergency Management (SEMA) building.

An Osage County Deputy was able to taze the female driver, while a guard for the SEMA building took another woman into custody.

Investigators have requested the help of the K-9 team for this search.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol, the Cole Sheriff's Office and the Jefferson City Police Department are helping search for the man.

We'll update this story and our newscasts once new details are released.

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Zachary Farwell

Zachary Farwell is the senior producer at ABC 17 News.


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