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Columbia City Council to review new neighborhood and expansion of Logboat Brewing Company


During Monday night's Columbia City Council Meeting, the council is set to review a proposal for a new neighborhood and a permit to expand Logboat Brewing Company.

Proposed Neighborhood

The Columbia City Council is set to vote on the approval of a new neighborhood in East Columbia that would add 168 homes to the area.

The "Old Hawthorne North" plot of land is currently located along the north side of Ivory Lane and the south side of Richland Road. Below is the plot of land outlined in red for the proposed development. The proposed plot of land would cover around 125 acres of land.

"Old Hawthorne North" Proposed Area

According to the Columbia City Council memo, each of the house plots would range in size between a quarter of an acre to over an acre.

Last month the Columbia City Council denied the proposal for the plot of land. Since the denial, the developer has made some changes to the plan, including adding sidewalks.

In order for the proposal to be approved at Monday night's meeting, at least five of the seven city council members will need to vote in favor of the new changes.

Logboat Brewing Company Expansion

At Monday night's Columbia City Council, the council is set to continue discussions on the approval of a permit to expand Logboat Brewing Company.

If the city council approves the permit to expand the brewery, it would allow the company to expand the bar and patio area, warehouse and add additional parking. According to the council memo, the expansion would increase the tasting room and bar/patio area by an additional 3,000 square feet. The production and warehouse area would also be expanded by an additional 12,000 square feet.

Logboat Brewing Company proposed a nearby off-site parking area that would add an additional 45 parking spots for patrons.

Below, outlined in red, would be the new area of Logboat Brewing Company if the permit is approved.

Logboat Expansion Area would include M-N Area

Logboat Brewing Company is located at 504 Fay St. in Columbia which is a few blocks away from downtown.

Earlier this month, the Columbia Planning and Zoning Commission approved the plan with certain conditions. It is now up to Columbia City Council to move the project forward and eventually vote on the approval of the permit.

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