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Parents finding ways to exempt kids from wearing masks in school

Parents finding ways to exempt kids from wearing masks in school


Southern Boone School District parents says other families are finding ways to get their kids out of wearing masks at school.

One parent sent a letter to the district claiming 'religious beliefs' to get mask exemption for their children.

According to the district, there are certain cases where masks may be exempt.

"The school district understands there are special circumstances where a mask exemption may be needed for students in school because of medical reasons or religious beliefs," said Christopher Felmlee, the Southern Boone School District superintendent. "Each request is handled on a case-by-case basis."

However, some parents feel these circumstances are untrue and just being used to avoid masking up.

Protesters voiced their disapproval for the district's mask mandate on Friday at Southern Boone Elementary the day after the mandate was announced.

According to the district's COVID-19 Information page, on Tuesday, there were five active COVID-19 cases among staff. There are three active staff cases in the primary school and one in the elementary school.

There are 19 active student cases, with four in the primary school, six in the elementary school and nine in the middle school.

The district also has five staff members in quarantine, with two from the primary school, one from the elementary school and one from the middle school.

There are 150 students in quarantine. Of those, 35 are from primary school, 53 are from elementary school, 57 are from middle school and five are from high school.

"School administration is currently evaluating the district’s mask exemption procedures for the Southern Boone School Board of Education to consider at its next meeting," Felmlee said.

The school board is scheduled to have a special meeting on Thursday, September 23rd at 6:30 PM to discuss the district's reentry plan and consider changes related to the latest CDC quarantine guidelines.

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