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9/11 memorial semi-trailer comes to the Capitol in Jefferson City

9/11 Dedication in Jefferson City
ABC 17 News


Thursday, World Memorial Foundation brought a 40-foot semi-trailer to Jefferson City that carries different pieces that honor all the heroes from 9/11 20 years ago. It was an emotional day for many people who stopped by Jefferson City to honor our fallen heroes.

Debra Cameron is one of the many people who came to honor the thousands who lost their lives over the last two decades.

"I needed to come to pay my respects and my honor to them and thank them for their sacrifice," said Cameron.

Both Joe Torrillo and Mitch Mendler came up with the idea of a trailer that would display a life-changing event in American history.

"The trailer was purchased so we could get a very large 9/11 memorial back to New York City for the fifth anniversary, which was successful," said Mendler, president of World Memorial.

Mendler added that everyone decided to make him president once he decided to keep the successful momentum going. Joe Torrillo had a first-hand experience with the 9/11 attack.

He is a retired lieutenant firefighter for the New York Fire Department. Torrillo witnessed the two planes crash into the World Trade Center.

"We really didn't think anything about it, until rushed I rushed to the scene. And when the second came over my head. It was obvious it was a terrorist attack," said Torrillo.

Torrillo attempted to rescue survivors, but things went wrong. "I got caught in the collapse, but I didn't think they were gonna collapse as soon as they did," said Torrillo.

Torrillo is the last firefighter found alive after being pronounced dead for three days. Torrillo is now telling his story across the nation.

"We want people to meet us and be able to share in that experience and touch a piece of steel," said Torrillo.

20 years since that tragic day, Torrillo is helping keep the memory of all the fallen heroes alive with his efforts.

For the 20th anniversary of 9/11, a poster contest was held. Blair Oaks High School senior Garrett Horn won the contest for the best drawing.

"My track coach came up to me and he told me that I could enter a contest for this poster for 9/11. I went home and started working on that. So yea, that was pretty cool," said Horn.

Horn added, "I really think it's pretty cool to see my art being recognized for a big cause."

Horn said that he plans to go to a four-year college to continue his career in art.

A parade will take place at noon in downtown Jefferson City. People will have all day to check out some important pieces from the history of 9/11.

Joushua Blount

Joushua Blount hails from Cleveland, Ohio and has a bachelor’s degree in media communications from the University of Toledo. He also has a master’s degree from the University Of Alabama. Roll Tide!


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