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Columbia police and fire department leaders ask city for federal funding

Columbia police and fire department leaders ask city for federal funding


The Columbia Fire Department and Police Department chiefs met with the city council Thursday to discuss getting a share of federal funding.

Both departments are looking to get money for staffing.

They're trying to get money from the American Rescue Plan from which the city is expected to get $25 million.

CPD assistant chief Jeremiah Hunter said the department has seen a drop in new applicants and a staffing shortage has caused management to move many of its officers 12-hour shifts.

CFD chief Andy Woody also spoke on adding funding to help keep firefighters in the department.

To those points, Mayor Brian Treece said hazard pay from the American Rescue Plan could be used to recruit and retain officers in the departments.

"When we get down to proposed budget amendments, I'm going to ask for an amendment for hazard pay for police officers, firefighters, and probably refuse collectors," Treece said. "I mean, these are the three city employees that couldn't work from home for the last 18 months."

Treece suggested offering $1,000 per month for the next 12 months to get new employees to stay with the departments and help them get over the hump of the staffing shortage.

The next Columbia City Council meeting is scheduled for Aug. 30.

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  1. More money for less work. Is this not what practically all employees seek? I don’t fault the police or fire department looking for a cut of the free money. I fault the free money. Which isn’t free at all.

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