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2020 Census data shows Boone County population growth


The 2020 once-in-a-decade Census data shows Boone County growing in population and becoming more diverse.

The federal data dropped on Thursday for states to begin redistricting efforts.

The new numbers show Missouri added 165,986 residents in the last ten years.

Boone County is one of the only mid-Missouri counties which significantly grew in population in the last decade, with an increase of 20,968 residents.

Boone County Clerk Brianna Lennon says that population growth comes with benefits like more federal and state funding.

"So one of the reasons we were really pushing hard to have an accurate census was so that we could get our fair share and correct and accurate share of federal money and state money that's going to be coming to our communities," Lennon said.

183,610 people now call Boone County home, compared to the 162,642 who did in 2010, that's a 12.9% increase.

Boone's growth is much higher than that of Cole County which saw a 1.7% growth and Howard County which saw a .1% increase in population.

"It shows how vibrant of a community that we are and that people want to come and live here and work here and play here," Lennon said.

Other data points like race, age and housing also play into the data and have an effect on things like redistricting as well.

"Redistricting plays into that because we're creating kind of the foundation of how we're electing people, and who's going to be representing our communities, at the local, the state and federal level," Lennon said.

Both Missouri and Boone County became more diverse, with the largest increase in those who identify as two or more races.

"I think it's fantastic that we continue to be a growing community within Missouri," Lennon said.

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